Creative play will never be out-of-style; there’s value in imagining, role-playing and getting back in touch with your inner child, no matter how old you are.

Chiquimiauis a handmade, cool, nonchalant rag doll cat that unleashes the power of imagination in children and grown-ups. It inspires real and imaginary adventures and stories. In a busy world that can sometimes be overwhelming for everybody, there’s a cat that can show you the beauty in your everyday life. Chiquimiau’s adventures represent some of the many interests of our audience 

  • ChiquiChef, for foodies & those looking for a connection with food.

  • ChiquiScience, for scientific minds that question everything.

  • ChiquiLucha, for the never-ending energetic and the brave at heart.

  • ChiquiGaia, for nature lovers who like to connect with the planet.

  • ChiquiPilot, for travel lovers and explorers that want to learn about distant cultures and geography.

Chiquimiau's mission is to create unique cognitive and emotional bonding.

Think Build-A-Bear and American Girl

Our Story

A story of love, friendship, smiles and colorful whiskers

When 3yo Emilio’s family was to relocate, he wanted to give his best friend the most special gift.  So he told his mom “She’s my kitty… make her a kitty.”


That’s when Chiquimiau’s co-founder, Mayra Azanza, came up with the long-legged, big-eyed, cuddly, silly looking cat that she submitted for Emilio’s approval.  He loved it immediately and hugging it tightly he said “it’s Chiquimiau!” (“Chiqui” means tiny and “Miau” is the sound the cats make) 

Chiquimiau quickly gained popular approval and orders started to come. Ever since that winter afternoon, hundreds of Chiquimiaus have been designed for happy owners in the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Singapore and more!


Chiquimiau has been to renowned museums and has had its picture taken in the Mexican mountains, in galleries in Toronto, the very top of the Kilimanjaro, the coolest technology headquarters in Silicon Valley and in the skyscrapers and deserts in Los Angeles, but most importantly, it has touched hundreds of hearts around the world, reminding children and their families that playing is essential for a healthy life.  ​