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French Fry Said BAH! is the story of a French fry that knows exactly what it wants.

The inspiration for this fun book by Mayra Azanza comes from her love of making people laugh. Nothing fills up her soul like a kid's laughter. The digital version of the book is available now on Amazon.

Mayra Azanza and co-founder Hagit Segal have created Playmagine LLC. This corporation hosts both Mistake and Chiquimiau. We create books, toys and games that provide children and adults with a platform and resources to help them face the challenges that keep them away from their ultimate goal: happy, free-playing children outside with no concerns.

We're launching Palymagine's fundraising efforts to make this work, and all proceeds of this book go to fun original content by Playmagine LLC. We have a lot of talents, big dreams and an ultimate cause that may even save lives.