Mistake empowers kids around the world by teaching them to embrace their mistakes and imperfection. This character gets excited when we make mistakes, because that means we're daring, trying new things, overcoming challenges and we're learning.


This beautiful, imperfect, colorful, mismatched little monster is there to support children and their caretakers when they make mistakes.


Mistake's superpower is loving and understanding everyone without any judgement. His mission is to help humanity to learn from failure and prevent future costly mistakes. His tools are play, literature and media.

Mistake's mission is to teach children to learn from mistakes so they can become confident adults.


Think: Elmo, Pocoyo, Sesame Street


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Our Story

When 10YO Karen was erasing frantically on her paper sheet, co-founder Mayra (Karen's mom) asked her what was going on. She said "nothing, just a silly mistake".  


Mayra sensed an opportunity to open Karen's horizons to owning and appreciating mistakes, so she created the doll Mistake and left it at her bedroom door in the morning with the following note:

Dear Karen,

My name is Mistake and I just happen. Nobody plans on me, nobody is expecting me with joy. Look at me: one leg is different than the other, I have patches of fabric all over my body and my colors don't even match! But do you know what? I am actually one of your best friends! Through me, you will learn a lot of lessons, discover new abilities, try new ways and get to know yourself a little bit more. Own me with pride, because making mistakes means that you actually dared to do something.” 



Karen was so excited she took Mistake to school, her teacher and many of her classmates got excited about it and ordered theirs. It became the classroom mascot!