Our Story

Mayra has been involved with art her entire life. Since childhood, she would make picture books, work during the summer to pay tuition for art classes, created original characters and comic stories and much more. Mayra dreamed of displaying her art in galleries, but never pursued her dream because she thought no one would like her work. She kept her art to herself because she was self-conscious and too afraid of potential negative feedback.

Hagit has two professional passions: art and education. She believes that education is the way to change the world. When she teaches art to children, she creates unique content that inspires kids to enjoy the artistic process without the pressure of a perfect result. She encourages children to celebrate mistakes and cheers them on as they find creative solutions to enjoy imperfect artwork.

Mayra & Hagit met at a women's networking event and connected quickly. Hagit purchased her first Mistake doll to use in her art classes and invited Mayra to one of the sessions as an honorary guest. From that point they started a new delightful path together. Their love for art and passion to do good in the world creates an inspiring professional partnership. Their womanhood, motherhood, and immigration experiences add many more layers to their work. With the combined skills, cultural backgrounds and education the sky is the limit to what they can do.

Mayra and Hagit 1.jpg