Our Brands


This uneven, mismatched, adrorable character makes many mistakes and gets excited when we make them too. Why? because making mistakes means that we're trying something new and are learning in the process. 



This colorful dressed up cat likes traveling, role playing, science, art and literature. It shows you the beauty in your everyday life. It wants to see your smile, and help you develop your special talents. 

The Bug Squad

Who knew that bugs could be so cute and fun?

These curious fluffy characters solve mysteries of ancient cultures, they travel the world across time and distance. 


We are two moms, entrepreneurs and creative souls striving to make the world a better place for our children. We create concepts for the well-being of children provided through toys, books, media and digital content to be accessed by kids and their caretakers. 

Our unique characters support children emotionally and present them with opportunities to learn and explore new adventures using the power of play and imagination.